best fencing contractors in fort worth

The beauty of a fence is that it not only keeps out unwanted guests, but it also has the ability to contain all of the good things that come with a well-kept property. When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, there’s nothing better than a personally-built, manually-constructed enclosure. Therein lies the essence of our purpose and work. As one of the best fencing contractors in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, we as dedicated contractors are committed to providing a superior standard of service and product.

Our history as Veterans of the United States Coast Guard has given us a foundation of caring for those around us through our commitment to hard work, quality materials, and superior service. We operate as a small business that has built a solid and dependable reputation as a local fencing contractor within the DFW community. Because we desire to meet the unique needs of each customer, we are familiar with all of the different varieties of fencing and accessories, as well as decks and pergolas. 

Through our work to function as a top-rated and respected fencing contractor, we have standards that have to be upheld. We take special note of caring for the environment while also routinely going above and beyond for our clients. Through hard work, dedication to standards and commitment to overcoming challenges, we are able to honor our country, our planet and our customers.

best fencing contractors in fort worth

Our experience is accompanied by a vast knowledge of fencing types and materials. Most people have probably noted that wood is the most commonly used fence material across the country – it is affordable, accessible and relatively durable. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, wooden fences are definitely still a popular choice. At DFW Fence Contractor, we have extensive experience installing wood fences such as spruce, pine, and western red cedar, all of which will require posts, runners, and pickets.

We recognize that all of our customers come to us with different budgets. Because of that, we always offer affordable options all the way up to luxury selections when it comes to materials. One of the least expensive materials is the spruce/pine fencing. Valued for its pungent aroma and attractive red-brown appearance, it is one of the most versatile and reliable coniferous species in the United States. Its straight grain and minimal knots combined with its superb durability give it long-lasting reliability.

Though wooden fences give a unique, ranch-like appearance to a property, water and weather will eventually cause deterioration, especially if wooden fences are not treated and maintained properly. Iron fences provide a distinctive look as well, but are not as quick to be impacted by environmental conditions. At DFW Fence, our iron wrought options are built to withstand the extreme weather conditions that are found in Texas. If you do decide to invest in an iron fence, the first step is to purchase the material. The standard iron fence we typically use is all pre-primed, and once it is cleaned, it will be ready for assembly. Following assembly, the welds are cleaned and primed and ready for the final painting. Once we are sure that the fencing material is ready to go, we will schedule an installation, the most exciting step for the customer.

best fencing contractors in fort worth
Remington iron fence

In addition to wooden and iron fences, we offer chain-link fencing and gates, as well as decking installation, pergola construction and wood fence staining/protection. If you’re interested in any of our custom services, be sure to contact us to gather more information. We are always ready and incredibly excited to help any customer that comes our way.