There is no question that fence installation is a substantial investment, and for many people, it requires some sort of planned financing. Knowing this, anyone who is on the lookout for a reputable fence contractor will want them to be able to ensure that they are receiving the highest quality product. Located in a beloved area of Texas, DFW Fence Contractor is confident in our ability to provide an excellent experience, even when your fence was built by someone else and needs repairs. We will repair any existing fence problems or, if we deem the fence beyond repair, we will let you know that it is our professional opinion that your best option is installing a new fence. With several years of practice and a genuine love of the trade and our customers, Dallas, TX fence repair takes on a whole new meaning.

Indeed, everyone who decides to install a fence on their property almost always has a specific vision in mind. Perhaps the fence is meant to prevent critters from munching on your garden vegetables or to keep your kids  and/or pets contained. There are an endless number of reasons as to why you’ve decided that you need or want a containment structure on your property. If you’re unsure about whether you need a fence, or what type of enclosure would be best for you, we can help you toward making the right decision.

The first step is to determine what kind of fence you would like. This initial choice will play a role in the degree of maintenance that is required of you. For example, wood fences are the most ubiquitous and least expensive option, but the durability and price differ depending on the type of wood used. Spruce and pine wood are the least expensive, but spruce does not have any insect or decay-inhibiting qualities following the logging process. As a result, spruce fencing will most likely need to be replaced 12-18 months after installation if it is exposed to the outdoor climate. On the other hand, western red cedar is superb in terms of its natural ability to eschew decay. Due to its excessive durability, it is widely used as shingles, posts, decking, and siding. Unsurprisingly, metal fences and chain link fences remain the most indestructible of all fencing types. 

Fast forward to a time when your fence has been successfully installed and you don’t have to worry about any more critters coming in or children getting out. You’ve recently introduced your 12-year-old son to the ever-so-enjoyable task of mowing the lawn. Thankfully, you were able to purchase a riding mower, but in your son’s inexperience, he accidentally takes a turn a bit too fast. A crash is heard from inside the house and you cringe. Without looking, you already know the disaster that is about to appear before your eyes. Sure enough, one glance out the dining room window confirms that a small portion of your newly-installed fence is no longer standing upright. 

Before you fret too much, DFW Fencing Contractors has it all under control. Not only are we experienced in fence installation, but we also do countless repair jobs each year. Believe it or not, damage to fences occurs quite often, but so does natural decay. Whether the repair job requires the replacement of the entire fence or a small segment, we know each step that is required. First, we will assess the damage and come up with a repair plan. If it’s a job that demands a significant amount of funds, we will work with you to develop a financial strategy. We know that a fence repair job may not be included in your anticipated budget. 

Once the previous step is complete, we will assign members of our team to come and complete the repair job. Our goal at DFW Fencing Contractors is to finish each job in a timely manner with high quality service and products. Throughout the process, we make it a priority to facilitate ongoing communication between the customer and company representative. 

As always, we are excited to work with you in the process of making your home’s outdoor living space an ideal place for you and your loved ones to enjoy many hours of the years ahead together!