The Importance of Fence Staining DFW

A good rule-of-thumb is to stain your fence every 3-5 years to slow down the risk of deterioration. Keeping up with the regular maintenance and staining of your fence will halt the weathering process by protecting the wood from common elements that will lead to natural wear-and-tear. Most importantly, whatever stain is used on your fence MUST cover the entire fence that is exposed to air and moisture.

When re-staining, DFW Fence Contractor uses stains that have more coverage and are transparent, meaning that it will leave a more natural look with UV-Ray protection and a longer life expectancy. That’s why our clients call on us to make their fence new again. Even Better? We use Wood Defender, the best product in the fence industry.

In order to maintain your fence, you need to consistently keep a steady coating of stain on your fence. The only way to do that, is to have a fence staining company DFW come out, clean your fence, and apply a new coat of staining on it. We highly recommend re-staining your fence in a 5-year or less period. The second coat will typically last longer, allowing you to potentially put off a restain for 6 or more years.

Avoid hiding blemishes on your fence, and keep them looking fresh. Call today at (817) 886-0848.