Keller Fence Regulations

Keller follows unique rules and guidelines when it comes to fence building and replacement. Here’s what you need to know:

Any fence that is dilapidated (signs of rotting, termite infestation, deterioration, loosening, etc.) must be repaired or replaced in accordance with Keller’s current ordinance. When 60% if a non-conforming fence is replaced, the fence must adhere to the current ordinance.

Any new or replacement fences of 8′ or more require a fence permit.

All fences on corner lots or double coverage MUST NOT be taller than 6′. If you are constructing a wooden fence, the fence MUST NOT extend past the building line on the side of your property next to the street. Wrought iron may be constructed at 8′ linear inside of the property line on the side of the property next to the street.

Any wood fencing installed next to a street or alley is required to have the hardware facing inside the property with the smooth side of the fence facing outward. Properties next to parks, trails, other common spaces, and drainage ways are required to have fencing of wrought iron or tubular steel.

Upon completion of installing your new fence, a final inspection from the city is required.

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