Slide Gates – large moveable gate usually on wheels with a track system to guide the wheels. Used to secure personal and commercial driveways

Automatic wood slide gate
Slide Gate

All of our Hand Built Slide Gate  are made job specific. Each Slide Gate starts with the posts being set first and measurements taken in the field. The same crew members will also Hand Build your Custom Slide Gate. Most of the the time we install Gate operators to the make these gates automatic. 

Here are some benefits you find with a  Hand Built Slide Gate.


A slide gate may add extra security to your property. You will feel more secure with the slide gates ability to protect your vehicles and belongings.

Curb Appeal

Slide gates add beauty to the home by making the yard look constant with the fence. Slide gates can be custom built to match the fence and in addition designed to make statement.


With a slide gate at your property you will see how simple it is to access you new secure yard. Slide gates give you an opportunity to make a larger opening  in tight spaces.


After removing any separating fence between the yards. You will have a larger space to your back yard. Slide gates allow you to utilize your properties space.

In conclusion you will never go wrong with a slide gate for you property. They will out last swing gates and will add space to a back yard. Slide gates make accessing your property convenient and further more add curb appeal.