Absolutely gorgeous Western Red Cedar 8′ tall fencing! Sometimes a yard demands something more than the standard 6′ Spruce Fence. This 8′ tall custom cedar gave our client the height and privacy they needed.

Firstly lets talk a little bit about this project. We constructed an 8′ tall fence here in Southlake, TX. The old fence needed to be replaced. Along the right side of the property the there is a retaining wall. The old fence was located just inside of the retaining wall.

Along the back line the neighbors were unwilling to share in the cost on the new cedar fence. This is a common obstacle when trying to install an new fence. DFW Fence Contractor is used to this issue. The very best situation is to place the fence on the property line. We like to find the the property pins and center the metal fence posts on them. In this case we were asked to leave the fence and install our post inside of the old fence. 

Along the the left side of the fence the home owner had existing metal posts. Most people like the idea of the metal post and their strength and longevity. However they can also be very unattractive and imposing. We were asked to box them out. This is a common thing in the fence industry. There a many times that the existing metal fence posts are still in decent shape and are straight enough to reuse. In this case the fence was still good it is just that our client wanted to not see the post anymore. We built post box outs. 

In closing our client was very satisfied with the new Western Red Cedar in Southlake, Tx. From the custom built step leveling to core drilling the post into the retaining wall. This fence project was a success.