Wood Fence Dallas

In the recent years, wood fences have been observed to be slowly coming into fashion and there has been quite an increase in the demand for wood fences in Dallas. This is due to the benefits that come along with the fence. There are currently a number of companies that can help you set up, repair and stain the wood fence for you at a good price.
One of the best things about wood fences is that they are versatile. This means that they can be installed for you in any shape and they are available in any size. In addition, you may go ahead and specify the design of the fence as well as the choice of the type of wood. Through this, you can get the aesthetic beauty of your home greatly improved without being forced to dig deeper into your pockets.
In Dallas, there are various fence options offered by the fence companies. Some of them are:
This is the most popular kind of fence option in Dallas. Most homebuilders use this fence and it is considered a “budget” fence.
Normally, this fence can serve you for approximately 10 years depending on the handling and the environment.
Compared to other wood species, Cedar releases water well and is therefore slower to rot. It is therefore known to make rot resistant wood fences. This is the ideal fence option for you since it has a longer lifespan (approximately 15+ years) as compared to the SPF (Spruce/Pine /Fir Mix) due to its rot resistant ability.
There are three packages to choose from when you are planning to install a wood fence. These are:
THE GOOD MODEL: This is the most popular package choice for most residents in Dallas. The “SPF” (Spruce/Fir/Mix) falls into this category.
THE BETTER MODEL: The wood used here is the Japanese cedar. This is gradually becoming popular since it lasts longer than the SPF (Spruce/Pine/Fir Mix).
THE BEST MODEL (Thicker Posts and Bigger Rails): They are becoming more popular due to their long lifespan is longer than that of “SPF” (Spruce/Pine /Fir Mix) and Japanese cedar.
There are various fence dimensions applied to each of the above packages.
Most of the fencing companies in Dallas require a down payment to maybe cover for your material as well as administrative cost prior to installation. This applies tom whether you need to set up a residential or a commercial fence.
You may contact the fence companies in case your wood fence needs repair, staining, and restoring. They also restore decks, arbores and other exterior wood structures.
You may also decide to personally maintain your wood fence. You can do this by:
Greasing the locks and hinges with general automotive grease, using a brush to apply it internally after disassembling the hinges.
Keeping leaves and other debris away from your wood fence to prevent rot.

Regularly inspecting and clean with a broom or a pressure washer.
Use a petroleum-based stain on your fence to establish a barrier against moisture and so lengthen its life.

In conclusion, there are numerous wood fence options available as well plenty of companies to help you install the fence. In order to choose the best, you need to balance your taste with your budget. It is ideal for you to consider the environment when choosing the fence option, for instance, it is better to install a Cedar wood fence if you reside in a wet area since it releases water easily. Proper choice of the wood fence will ensure a guaranteed positive change in the look of your home.


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