Arlington Fence Regulations

When planning your Arlington fence project, you must familiarize yourself with the local restrictions and regulations to avoid having your fence demolished and paying an unfortunate fine. Arlington has its own unique structure and laws regarding where you build, what you use, and the measurements of your fence.

Fence Height

In Arlington, your fence height cannot be taller than 8′.

If you install a fence outside of your home in the front yard, it is required to be 4 feet or shorter, it must be made of metal, and must be almost completely transparent (75% minimum).

Materials That Are Not Allowed for Residential Privacy Fencing

Chain link is not allowed unless it is in place of an old chain link fence and cannot be used to replace a fence of another material. Chain link is also prohibited in areas were fences have not previously existed.

Materials that were not created or intended for the purpose of fence building and maintenance are also not permitted.


If you are constructing a fence next to a street or road, the posts and rails must only be visible from inside the property, not from the street.

Homeowners and property owners are required by city ordinance to maintain their fence. The city of Arlington does not allow dilapidated, rotting fence. If the property owners must repair or replace the fence, they may not change the location or size of the fence. They must use the same material used to build the original fence OR find something as closely related in quality, size, material, color, etc.

We know this can be a lot of information to take in. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at DFW Fence Contractor.


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