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To install a fence with proper design and at an effective cost you need to have an experienced work force. We have had the same work force since 2000 and with very little change. Our current crew leaders started with us not having prior knowledge of the fencing industry. As the time has passed they have become great at their craft. DFW Fence Contractor works hard to have as little turn over within our company. With the right fence crews in place and good workmanship we can provide great fence installation service.

How to Install a Proper Fence in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

At DFW Fence Contractor we start with a the right idea. We like to treat our fence client's yard as if it was our own. We have the expertise to understand the difference between doing a job to get it done and doing the job correctly.

The first thing that must happen is to have a clear understanding of the scope of work between both our client and ourselves. We provide an estimate that is clear to the detail of material and overall installation. In every job there is also a level of expectations that must be meet. We are out to meet and surpass that level

The second thing to accomplish is to follow the City and HOA guidelines. Some cities require fence permits and many HOAs have fence regulations. Checking with both of these parties is a necessity to insure that the fence will be correct.

The third process is for us to call for your utility locate service. We call out for the locate companies to find your utilities. Lastly Texas requires this to be done before excavation can occur.

Now we are ready for the fence installation.

1. Fence Posts

The setting of the fence post is circuital to the longevity of the fence. Most fence companies will set fence posts to a 20" depth using 50 lbs of concrete. We take great pride in setting a correct fence posts backed by a fence warranty. We set a standard post at 24" it will give you a 5 year warranty. Our 10 year warranty is set with a 30" to 32" depth

2. Fence Material

Once the fence post are installed the material is now ready for installation. Weather it is a custom wood fence or ornamental iron fence there has to be an understanding of what to expect. Both types of fence can either be built to follow the grade or slope and can also be built step and level. A fence that is built to follow the grade will do just that, follow the grade of the ground. The step and level fence is usually built from the lower elevation the yard. From that location the full height of the fence material will be used. As the fence graduates up the slope of the area the horizontal runners remain level.

3. Site Clean up

The last thing to do is to clean up the job site. This is one of the most important things to do with the overall scope of fence work. The fence can look great , but if there are cut offs from the material and dirt or concrete spoils left in the yard it will not appear to be complete.

Considerations for Fence Installation in Dallas Fort Worth

Have you ever thought about repainting your existing landscape by adding borders of natural plants, trees, shrubs, stones or stones? This can be achieved very easily with the many types of materials available to you through your landscaper or the local nurseries in your area.

Many of us decided to install traditional fences made of different types of woods and metals, but if you start to consider the fact that you can create a fence around your property simply by using nature, the result can be really amazing. be! For example, If you are looking for a separation between your property and another, install tall bushes or very different types of trees, it will be the fencing effect you are looking for and, at the same time, it will be very pleasing to leave it with you. . Remember, by implementing natural products such as plant materials as a fencing edge as done by Dallas fence installation, you can also improve and save valuable resources of our planet in many different ways.

As you will notice, it is amazing how quickly changes occur almost overnight when it begins. This spectacular update to your landscaped garden and the overall appearance of your property will be absolutely stunning! So take a piece of paper and start planning your fencing installation today! Remember, no matter how big or small your purse fence is, if you can dream it, you can do it. Keep in mind that your landscape specialists and designers in your area can be of great help to you. If you install a natural fence around your property today, you will be sure to be the first in the block with a natural fence that respects the environment.

Most proprietors additionally need to have their own fence introduced, however experience issues making it work. Here are a few things you should think about installing a Dallas Fort Worth fence that is ideal for your home.

Realize what you need

Prior to installing a fence, it is best to require your investment to choose how close you ought to be. Do you need it to be made of wood, stone or a wire fence? Whatever you pick, ensure it suits your garden or home.

Consider other individuals

Installing a fence can be a smart thought since it ensures your home and gives you the security you require. If you need to introduce one, you ought to likewise think about other individuals. Try not to introduce it too high to hinder your neighbour's view. A few people likewise outlined their home to be beautifying, and it would be better not to shroud the magnificence of their neighbour's home.

What materials do you need?

It would be better on the off chance that you recognize what materials your fence ought to be made of. Wooden fences can be great and reasonable, yet they can likewise be effortlessly harmed and keep them from getting to be distorted or spoiling contrasted with steel. Make sure to survey first what sort of materials would suit your necessities. If you need a tough rough, a steel or stone fence can be a smart thought.

Installing it isn't that simple, think about a fence contractor

Albeit a great many people feel that establishment can be simple, it is extremely hard to introduce one. Consider employing a fence contractor to make it less demanding to introduce. You have the right stuff, learning and gear important to introduce your fences. They likewise know where to discover moderate materials and labourers. You can likewise take every necessary step on time and wipe out the worry of installing a fence.

It tends to be extremely costly to employ a contractor or an organization, yet you can make sure that the establishment will be completed easily and professionally.

The Many Benefits of Installing a Fence

Introducing a fence is helpful for property proprietors in various ways. Numerous individuals who don't have fences are threatened by the projector are at a misfortune for how to approach introducing one. Luckily, the establishment is less demanding than at any other time.

There are different individuals who don't think of it as essential to introduce fences around their home as they think of it as a misuse of cash. Be that as it may, there are different advantages of having fences introduced around the limits of your home. Fences give you security as well as a level of fulfilment which you might not have on the off chance that you think of it as insignificant. Read along and you will become acquainted with about its advantages and by the end, you will consider it as a need rather than an extravagance. Fort Worth fence installation are introduced around the limit of your home. It causes you to part your property from other individuals' property. It is exceptionally basic to have a limit close to your home so you don't erroneously enter another person's region and the other way around. This is extremely fundamental as it generally reminds you and others about their own zone and decreases the odds of any perplexity in regards to the zone.

Fences give you a sentiment of having a place. Since the limits separate your property from converging into others property, along these lines, it gives you a sentiment of having something of your own. The sentiment of having your very own home, garden or carport which isn't converged with others having a place fulfils you fulfilled, and loose.

Fences help you in securing your kids while they are playing outside. It keeps them from going outside the limits of your home by going about as a hindrance decreasing the odds of mishaps. It additionally makes you pressure free as you don't need to take care of your tyke while he/she is playing outside in the garden.

Introducing fences keeps other individuals from entering your belonging without authorization. Keeping outsiders from going into your belonging encourages you in securing your relatives and important resources from burglars. Fences furnish you with security, thusly, it is exceptionally fundamental to get them introduced before moving in your new home. Fences are a standout amongst the most imperative parts of your home. You should build them before moving into your home yet on the off chance that you possess a home and now you have understood the significance of introducing fences around your home then you can without much of a stretch contact the contractual workers who introduce fences and get them introduced. It's anything but an extremely bother work and will be done at the earliest opportunity as they are as of now built all the contractual worker should do it introduce them in your carport and abandon you with an anchored, secured and pressure free home.

Introducing presents utilized to require burrowing a profound gap, blending cement, and setting your posts. Luckily, OZ posts have reformed post-establishment. Presently, posts for a wide range of fences can be introduced utilizing a packaging with a metal spike on the base of the post. This gadget enables you to pound the post profound into the earth, giving the help you require without the problem, wreckage, and hold up time of cement.

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Example Fence Installation for a DFW Home

Marcus from DFW Fence Contractor shares a project that was recently completed.

It’s a 6-foot-tall board-on-board fence with a stone wall around and a step outside of the gate surrounding the fence. We tore out the existing fence that was previously here and pre-made and installed the posts that hold up the fencing. The posts run through the stone wall and into the dirt about 2 feet deep. We used 11 ½ ft tall steel posts on this project to hold up the fencing.

The stone wall is made up of a rock that we commonly use, and install poles that allow the water to drain out from the inside to make sure the water pressure is being let out of the walls. This keeps the boards in the wood fence from building too much pressure and beginning to bow. 

This stone is called an Oklahoma or a Milsap stone. We lifted the fence approximately 2 feet inside the yard of these homeowners and added a concrete footer below the rock that goes down approximately 8 inches below grade. We brought the fencing all the way around. As you follow the yard around and begin to approach the garage, you will notice that the stone wall will start to go up also, and then die off at the gate by the garage. We basically leveled the entire yard with the rock.

The homeowners still have some fill to do on the inside of their yard, following the new fence installation, but he wanted to lift his yard a little bit, and we did it by adding that stone wall underneath.

The wood fence fort worth used in this video is fencing called board-on-board that has been pre-stained using a product by Wood Defender called Oxford Brown. This fencing has cedar rails, a cedar top cap, and a cedar trim underneath the top cap. All gates installed by DFW Fence Contractor will have three hinges at a minimum.

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When looking for fence installation in the city of Fort Worth, TX  you might need to know what to expect from your contractor. Has the fence company done work in the city of Fort Worth? Are they registered with the city?

There a lots of ways to go about getting your fence installation done. You can do them your self or hire a professional with the experience and know how to get the work completed.

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