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Fence Staining Services Near Me in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

We at DFW Fence Contractor have been the go-to experts for fence staining in Fort Worth, TX, and the Dallas Metroplex for over two decades. We've built our reputation on delivering excellent service and quality products, specializing in fence repair, new fence installation, and staining and cleaning your wooden fence. Whether you're a returning client or a new customer in the DFW area, your fence staining needs are covered.

Our Fence Staining Company Services

We offer a wide range of staining services to breathe new life into your outdoor wooden structures. Our expertise extends to:

  • Wood Fence: The backbone of any yard, a well-stained wood fence looks good and lasts longer.
  • Decks: Enjoy your outdoor space even more with a freshly stained deck that stands up to the elements.
  • Pergola Staining: Add a touch of elegance to your garden with a beautifully stained pergola.
  • Wood Railings: Safety meets style when we stain your wood railings, enhancing their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • New Fence: If you've recently installed a new fence, protect and beautify it with our top-notch staining services.

For Our Returning Clients

If you're one of our returning clients, chances are we built your wood fence with pre-stained or hand-dipped materials. You've seen the quality of our work, and now you're looking to refresh that look. We're thrilled to help you achieve that "new fence" appearance once again.

Products for Fence Staining Dallas

We generally prefer to use a spray application of transparent oil-based stain for projects that haven't been overly exposed to previous staining. For these fence staining projects, we often use Ready Seal, a guaranteed fence stain that we trust for its reliability and longevity.

Our Commitment to You

Our goal is simple: to complete your fence staining project with the highest level of quality and service. Whether it's wooden fences, decks, or pergolas, we aim to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

So, if you're in Fort Worth, Texas, or the surrounding DFW area and are looking for a fence staining company with a proven track record, look no further. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us transform your outdoor space.


Semi-Transparent Fence Staining

Wood defender stain


With our new customers looking to give their older fence a new look we generally like to use a stain that has more coverage to it. We like to use a semi- transparent stain. This will cover some of the wood's natural grain but not all of it. Semi- transparent stains will still look more natural. The best product in the fence industry for this type of fence staining is Wood Defender. Semi-transparent fence stains have the most UV ray protectant in them. They have a longer life expectancy than transparent fence staining.

DFW Fence Contractor stain service

Staining pressure washed fence

Elevate Your Older Fences with Semi-Transparent Staining

When it comes to giving older fences a fresh, revitalized appearance, we at DFW Fence Contractor often recommend semi-transparent fence stains. This type of stain strikes the perfect balance between coverage and natural aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for fences that have seen better days but still have life left in them.

Why Choose Semi-Transparent Stains?

Semi-transparent stains offer a unique blend of opacity and clarity. While they do cover some of the wood's natural grain, they don't mask it entirely, allowing the inherent beauty of the wood to shine through. This results in a more natural finish than fully opaque stains.

The Power of Wood Defender

In the realm of fence staining in Fort Worth and beyond, Wood Defender stands out as the go-to product for semi-transparent staining. It's a guaranteed fence stain that we've come to rely on for its unmatched quality and durability.

Longevity and UV Protection

One of the standout features of semi-transparent stains like Wood Defender is their superior UV ray protection. In the hot climate of North Texas, this is