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Ready Seal Colors

Fence staining company based in the Fort Worth TX and Dallas Texas Metroplex. We have serviced our clients with Oil Based fence stains for over 20 years. We offer fence staining service to our previous clients and new customers in the DFW area. Most of our previous customers are wanting DFW Fence Contractor  to re-stain their fence and wood surfaces. Our new customers are wanting us to stain their older fence. Our goal is to complete you fence staining project with quality products and excellent service. Our staining service includes.

  • Wood Fence
  • Decks
  • Pegolas
  • Wood Railings
  • New Fence

With our previous clients we had most likely built their wood fence with a pre-stained or also what we call a hand Dipped fence . These returning clients of ours are asking us to make their fence look new again. We prefer to spray a transparent oil base stain as long as the project has not been exposed to much stain. We like to use Ready Seal for those fence staining projects.


Semi-Transparent Fence Staining

Wood defender stain


With our new customers looking to give their older fence a new look we generally like to use a stain that has more coverage to it. We like to use a semi- transparent stain. This will cover some of the wood's natural grain but not all of it. Semi- transparent stains will still look more natural. The best product in the fence industry for this type of fence staining is Wood Defender. Semi-transparent fence stains have the most UV ray protectant in them. They have a longer life expectancy than transparent fence staining.

DFW Fence Contractor stain service

Staining pressure washed fence

Fence Cleaning 

We also clean existing fences. There are 2 way to do this.

Pressure Wash fence

One way to clean and old fence is to pressure wash the fence. You must be very careful not to apply the tip of the pressure washer to close the wood. If applied to close the wood can be damaged

Bleach Cleaning

The other way to clean off old mildew and dirt is to use homes water hose. Before we do this we apply a bleach/water  solution to the entire fence. We allow the solution to soak into the wood and then wash the solution out.