Can You Install a Fence in the Winter

Most people shy away from having their fences installed or repaired during the winter. This is because there are various misconceptions about surrounding fence installation in the colder months, leading people to believe that this is a job reserved for summer and spring. However, in reality, not only can you install a fence in the winter, but there may also be some advantages to doing so. Read on to learn more.

Winter may not be the time when you spend the majority of your time outdoors. However, there are some major advantages of having a fence around your property throughout the year. While most homeowners prefer repairing or replacing their fences during the summer or spring, sometimes you may not have a choice but to get the job done during the winter.

For instance, you may be relocating to a new place during the winter and wouldn’t want to spend the entire season without a fence around the house. Or, you may notice some irreparable damage on the fence and cannot wait for the weather to get warm before fixing it. Either way, you can certainly have your fence replaced or installed during the winter.

Advantages of Installing a Fence in the Winter

Easier Landscaping

For people who have a carefully manicured landscape in their backyard, the idea of having new fences installed can be a little intimidating. You’d either have to risk the trees and shrubs and trees damaging the fences during the process or removing or cutting some of the plants to make proper space for the fences. Needless to say, neither of these options seems particularly tempting.

However, the greenery goes pretty dormant during the winter, which means that it is much less likely to get damaged during the installation. This may even speed up the installation process, as your contractor wouldn’t have to take extra precautions to protect the plants. And when the plants finally start growing during the spring, they would make their way around the newly-installed fences. It’s a win-win situation.

No Interference with Outdoor Activities

When spring and summer roll around, you probably want to kick back, enjoy, play with the kids, and even relax in the backyard. During this time, if there are workers digging up your yard and making all that construction noise, it can certainly put a damper on the family’s fun time.

On the other hand, you will likely not be spending as much time outdoors during the winter. Therefore, the fence installation won’t bother you as much as it would during the summer. At the same time, this would also give the contractor the perfect opportunity to get the job done without any disturbance.

No Rush

As discussed earlier, most people prefer all of their fence work done during the warmer seasons. Due to the high demand, most contractors are overworked and short on time during this time. Not only is there a high chance that you’ll have to wait a while to get an appointment, but the workers will also try to do the job as quickly as possible since they’ll be on a tight schedule.

You can skip this summer rush by having your fence installed during the winter. You’ll likely get an appointment much quicker. And since the workers wouldn’t be overworked, they’d be able to put in all the time and effort required to do the job right.

More Cost-Effective

If you’re on a budget, having fences installed during the winter may be a much smarter choice. As a direct consequence of the high demand during the spring and summer, the service and material cost inevitably hike.

On the other hand, since the demand decreases significantly during the winter, the materials are much more readily available, resulting in a much shorter waiting period. Additionally, the workers will also be able to provide the service at cheaper rates, making it a much more cost-effective decision. This is especially beneficial if you are planning to get a unique custom-made fence.

Is It Ever a Bad Idea to Install Fences During The Winter?

Although there are various benefits of installing a fence during moderately cold weather, extreme winter may not always be the ideal time for the job. For instance, if the ground is completely frozen, it can make it extremely difficult for the workers to dig it up. In such cases, it is better to schedule an appointment after the snow starts melting away.

Therefore, if you live in a particularly cold or freezing environment, you may have to wait out the winter season before hiring a contractor. However, you can always check with the local contractors if it is a good time for the job.

They will be better able to guide you about the process and the best time for it. And even if it isn’t a good time for fence installation, they’ll likely give you an advanced appointment as soon as the weather conditions improve. Therefore, you’ll still be able to skip the waiting period for the most part.

Final Words

Fence installation is long-term work. Once you have the boundary installed around your house, you probably don’t want to repair or reinstall them for at least a couple of years. Therefore, it is crucial to do the proper research beforehand to ensure that you’re doing everything right. In addition to that, you also need to ensure that you get the best contractor for the job.

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