DFW fence

You just never know when having a cordial relationship with your next-door neighbor may be indispensable, or at the very least, convenient. Even though the average homeowner desires to maintain a positive rapport with their most proximal neighbor, having a physical yard boundary can be necessary and healthy. At DFW Fence Contractor, we work with you to design and install the type of residential fence that will best meet your needs and desires. Our homegrown roots and commitment to serving our customers drives to us to be the best fencing contractors that we can be.

Security Fences

Fences can serve a multitude of purposes, but most commonly, they function as a means of security, both in keeping things contained and diverting unwanted guests (or pests). Depending on the type of fence you choose to install, it can exist as a way to keep children from wandering off or running out into the street. Be careful that the munchkins can’t sneak through the fence spaces! Your fence will unquestionably define your property boundaries. In this way, it will also keep (at least some!) unwelcome animals or intruders from setting foot onto your property and potentially into your garden. A towering fence will also keep unwanted eyes from peering into your windows, providing another layer of protection, privacy and an invaluable peace of mind.

Fencing for Landscape

For others, a fence will be the perfect icing on the cake for your landscaping aesthetics. Maybe your kids are out of the house and you don’t even have any pets that need enclosing, but you still like the look of a fresh, white picket fence. Any type of fence will undoubtedly add a face lift to your trimmed, green lawn. No matter what purpose your fence is meant to serve, we count it a privilege to work with you to choose the best fence for your house.

DFW Fence Materials

Like many exterior home living items, fences come in multifarious materials, with each having unique pros and cons. At DFW Fence Contractors, we offer five different materials for your residential fence in addition to variety of privacy fences. Across the United States, the most commonly seen and known is the traditional wooden picket fence. While the wooden fence is ideal in its versatility, it simultaneously creates a classic, welcome impression that gives your property an aura of relaxation. Because of the assortment of wood types, the price range of your fence will vary. In terms of what we offer, a split rail fence will unabashedly demarcate the edges of your property, where a stockade fence will provide the privacy you may desire.

Another type of fencing we offer at DFW Fence Contractors is the vinyl fence: a barrier that does not require upkeep and opposes decay. What makes vinyl fences so popular is that they provide security and are synonymously strong, flexible, and durable. As you could probably surmise, this type of fencing will pay for itself as it is maintenance-free and doesn’t rot in the way a wood fence eventually will, even if treated. Here’s the perk: vinyl fencing comes in an interesting array of colors.

Wrought-Iron Fence Pros & Cons

Most people don’t consider a wrought-iron fence to be the most aesthetically pleasing choice, but our ornamental iron fences can meet the security needs for both a residential property and a government property, while still maintaining their beauty. In our own fabrication plant, we construct these fences so that we can be sure they will far surpass your standards. Most importantly, this type of fencing has a baked on, powder-coat finish that makes the fence more pleasing to the eye as well as longer-lasting.

Our last two types of residential fencing tend to be low-maintenance, but high in functionality. While able to define the boundaries and protect your property, aluminum fences are also naturally rust-resistant. One extra perk is that they are easy to paint, so your fence could literally be any color of the rainbow! On the other hand, our chain link fences are treated with an acrylic coating that defends the core. This kind is difficult to climb over and it allows the homeowners to spot potential intruders. Check out our most budget-friendly option!

DFW Fence Experts

Now that you know the basic types of the residential fencing that we offer, your next step is to choose the kind that will best fit your property. Don’t worry, we are more than happy to help you out! After years of experience and knowing the characteristics of each of our products, we want all of your fencing needs and desires to be met. We look forward to working with you in planning, installing and watching you enjoy your new DFW fence.