Fence Company Bedford TX

We install all types of fencing to the residents of Bedford Tx. We specialize in working with homeowners and their neighbors. There is always small situations that arrive when working between property owners. There is also a need to install the on the correct property pins. We work with your survey to insure the proper location of your new fence will be no issue in the future. As a registered fence company with the city we will pull you permit.

There a lots of ways to go about getting your fence installation done. You can do them your self or hire a professional with the experience and know how to get the work completed.

If you’re looking for the most reliable, long lasting fence installation look no further than DFW Fence Contractor 

We have been serving residents of Bedford with fence installation for years. DFW Fence Contractor is a 5 star rated company and would be happy to use our expertise to help install your Bedford fence.

The City of Bedford will recommend that a registered fence contractor pull your permit.