Fence Post Covers

Metal fence posts offer a durable and lasting solution to your fencing needs since they can withstand all weather conditions. However, metal fences are not pleasing to look at and they can lessen your property’s curb appeal. Fortunately, there are simple methods that fence contractors use to solve this problem as well as increase your home value. Instead of replacing your fence post entirely, they can easily use fence post covers using these three different methods below.

Picket Post

A picket post is made of long and sturdy pieces of wood that are positioned upright in the ground to cover an ugly metal fence post. It is a classic design that’s common in suburban homes where picket fences are highly popular and ideal. Picket posts can be plain or simple but they can also be intricately designed depending on your preferred style. If you want a simple picket post, you can request your fence contractor to keep the top of the fenceline plain and even. However, if you want to have a decorative picket post, you may opt for stylized carvings on top of the fence post. This is one of the best and easiest fence post covers that will not only hide an ugly metal post but also make your fence look better than ever. Although picket posts are commonly painted in white, they can be left plain especially if you’re aiming for a rustic aesthetic.

Round Post

Round post is another method used by fence contractors to cover up boring metal fence posts. It may be common in farm and barn settings but this method holds endless possibilities for creativity. If you want to take your round post to a whole new level, then consider choosing either of the column designs among the five classic architectural orders. When aiming for simple sophistication, the Tuscan round post would be the best way to go. It features a smooth and rounded pole with no carvings on top of the fenceline. For a more stylized fence post, you can opt for a Doric style that features rudimentary lines in its pole. The Ionic style also features rudimentary lines in its pole as well as intricate carvings on top of the fenceline. Clearly, round post is a great method that offers style and sophistication that can dramatically increase your property’s curb appeal.

Boxed Fence Post

A boxed fence post is a square type covering popularly used by fence contractors to completely hide an unappealing metal post. When it comes to aesthetics, it will all boil down to individual tastes and preferences. Just like a picket and round posts, a boxed fence post can also improve the aesthetics of your home exterior and ultimately increase the value of your property. The best thing about boxed fence posts is that it is a great design option if you want to incorporate lighting or other decors in your fence post. With a boxed fence post, you can opt to install solar-powered cap lights which are sustainable and hassle-free. Aside from solar-powered cap lights, you can also place beautiful planters to maximize the space on top of the fence post.

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