Fort Worth Fence Regulations

You need to understand the laws of Fort Worth fence regulations before erecting a fence. Break any rule and your fence will be demolished and you will be fined. The laws set a standard for height, materials and location. The regulations cover five areas namely fence height, materials, backyard fencing, places of specific importance and access to emergency services.

Fence Height

You will be required to apply for a permit if you want to build a front yard fence that is over feet tall. This law applies regardless of the materials used. This is because a fence that is four feet high will block your neighbour’s airflow or light.

Corner fences should not be more than 2.5 feet tall since it can block vehicle visibility. This rule is very strict, especially where children play. A fence that is more than nine feet tall is considered to be a structure. Structures have different regulations and it ’s therefore advisable not to exceed the upper limit.


Strict rules and regulations have been established on the usage of materials. It is prohibited to block free air circulation and light of your neighbour. You have to ensure that barbed wire used for fencing does not exceed six foot vertically for security reasons. It should not cross or project above the property lines of your neighbour. Therefore material used for fencing should meet the standards made so that you can live peacefully with others. For instance, the one used in private fencing should not affect light and the way people view places. The authority might come after you if you do not follow the rules set.

Need for accessibility to emergency services

Fort Worth fence regulations allows you to build a backyard fence that offers security and extra privacy. In addition, this law requires one to ensure that there is accessibility to emergency services onto your residential area(property) from the rear. It is advisable for one to consult a fire officer from an institutionalized local station at the time of making permit application. This will make you understand where to put the fence for easy access to emergency services.

Regulation on backyard fencing

Fort Worth fence regulations do not allow one to fence their property above nine foot. There is a need not to interfere with neighbour’s airflow and light. When you intend to build or construct a fence beyond six foot then you will have to seek a mandate from the authorities. You will be required to make to formal application of permit.
In instances where you intend to construct a pool fence, it is advisable to consult the authorities.

Rules and regulations on important sites

Cultural or historical sites are considered to be vital venues by the government. Therefore you will be required to make a formal permit application to put a fence of any kind when it is near your property.

It is also not advisable to construct a fence on someone’s legally owned property. You will also be required to consult authorities when you want to build a fence in areas that are prone to floods. This is to enable them to do an inspection so that the fence does not lead to erosion when water overflows.


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