gate automatic opening system


We are living in a society of increased household automation. Everything from light bulbs to thermostats, garage doors to doorbells, and coffee makers to refrigerators are Bluetooth-connected and smartphone-controlled. More and more homeowners are deciding to treat their home’s exterior to the same upgrades as its interior. A valuable addition to your home or workplace is a gate automatic opening system.

An automatic gate is an awesome feature for any homeowner. Here are just a few of the benefits of an automatic gate system:


Automatic controls mean a safer gate lock. Protecting your property with an automatic lock will give you increased peace of mind. The ability to control who enters your home with the touch of a remote promotes a greater sense of well-being. If you have children coming home from school while you are at work, you can let them in the house automatically. When you travel out of town, make it easy for your house-sitter with remote entrance. If you need to have work done on your property but you have to be at work, grant maintenance workers, pool cleaners, gardeners and repairmen access remotely and keep an eye on them using your home security app.

Curb Appeal

Automatic gate openers are available to use with a variety of stunning property gates. You can select a beautiful gate in iron or the wood of your choice, depending on the aesthetic of the exterior of your home or business.


Opening your gate by remote or phone is much more convenient than searching for a key or fiddling with a lock, especially when you are arriving home late at night.


You will no longer have to worry about your gate being accidentally left open. Know your property will be safe from view and your gate securely closed.


A modern automatic gate system can generate a lot of intrigue with the neighbors. Be the coolest on your block and be a trendsetter! Your neighbors are likely to want an automatic gate opener on their own property when they see the added value.

While an automatic gate opener is a great addition to any home, many companies can also benefit from an automatic gate system. It’s a wonderful asset for a small operation because you can save money by not needing an employee to monitor the gate. The ability to automatically open the gate for delivery trucks will save you time. By welcoming clients into your facility through a private, automatic gate, you’ll give them the security of knowing they are safe at your place of business.


A secure automatic gate system will ensure that your employees feel safe and comfortable in their work environment. By using the gate for after-hour pickups and drop-offs, you can avoid keeping an employee at work late just to receive deliveries. You can open the gate remotely without having to be on-site. An automatic gate is also extremely beneficial in an emergency situation where every minute counts for fire and EMS services.

gate automatic opening system


Farmers also stand to benefit tremendously from an automatic gate! Opening a field gate without having to step away from equipment means added safety and less risks to yourself and your farmhands. Additionally, you’ll be able to open gates for animals at specific times without having to do it manually.

Dallas Fort Worth Fence Contractors are here to help with your automatic gate system. We can give you a free consultation to help you determine which type of system is right for you. Our professional team is here to install and maintain your gate and opening system as well as make any necessary repairs throughout the life of your product(s). You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of options available for your automatic gate including: loop detectors, timers, pedestals, keypads, telephone entry, gate locks, photo eyes, electric edges and more! An automatic gate is a multi-functional addition to your property. No matter what your needs, DFW Fence Contractors will give you an honest evaluation and a professional installation.

gate automatic opening system