inground pool fence

What better way to spend the impending summer days than by the pool with a drink in hand? Dozing off by the water with the luminous sun shining and leaving behind any remaining thoughts of responsibilities sounds perfect. Reality kicks in super quickly as you recognize that this is impossible since you have little munchkins running around in every direction. As the responsible adult, it is your job to make sure no one takes an unexpected dip into the very close body of water. Pools can be both a source of joy and a source of immediate danger, especially for a non-swimmer or compromised individual. When little tykes are close by a pool, it’s crucial that someone keeps an eye on them at all times. Having an inground pool fence can provide an immense benefit and sense of relief for parents and pool owners alike.

Not only is an in ground pool fence key to safety for individuals, but it will also keep critters and blowing leaves and trash out of sight, at least in the pool area. Without a pool fence, you may have some random surprises showing up in the water.

If you’re planning to install an in ground pool or you already have one, there’s no doubt that you should consider putting up a fence as well. Obviously the safest fence is one that surrounds the entire pool. The most aesthetic way to do this may be to shape the fencing in the same shape in which the pool is built. Some back yards are designed uniquely, so you may not need to install a fence around the entire pool. For narrow back yards, you could run a fence on both long sides of the pool as opposed to all four sides. If you have an already existing fence in your backyard, you may want to install a fence that finishes the border. In other words, if your fence already lines two sides of your pool, you could install a fence to line the other two sides.

Not surprisingly, curved fences are more expensive and more difficult to install. Sacrificing some deck space can reduce fencing costs, but you want to be sure that you have enough space to walk around without risking a fall into the pool. Going cheaper may be tempting, but it’s probably not the best option in the case of pool fencing. You want to be sure that you have a durable fence that will protect against outsiders of any kind and will maintain an aesthetic appearance even after years of wear.

DFW Fencing Contractors can assure you that we will provide high-quality work that is custom to your needs and desires. As a small business, we strive to connect and build relationships with our customers. We have knowledge and experience on all types of fences as well as landscaping, and a true commitment to the work that we are doing.

We also understand that there is a commitment to uphold in terms of caring for the environment while also providing adequate fencing for the intended area. With a military background, we know that the cost of caring for the environment can be larger than we imagined, but we are ready for the challenge. If you have any thoughts of installing an in ground pool fence for any purpose, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to answer your questions and provide you with any information you need to make your decision easier.