Irving Fence Regulations

Every city in DFW has similar laws and guidelines to go off of for fence construction and replacement, however, each city also has some of its own individual regulations. It is important to familiarize yourself with your city’s laws.

In Irving, all fence construction must be built ONLY with the materials and construction approved by the ordinance.

Fence Height

Vertical support posts and gates must not extend more than 6″ above the top of the fence. When the fence is located in a “vision triangle of a corner lot”, the fence must have a max. height of 30″ and must be 50% transparent.

All front-yard fencing must be no taller than 48″ and allow 50% transparency.

All rear and side yard fencing must be no taller than 8′ in a residential area, and no more than 10′ in a non-residential area.

Sizing & Requirements

All fences MUST have a gate or opening of at least 3′ in width, any masonry fence that exceeds 4′ in height must be installed following a design submitted by a registered architect. Any person constructing a masonry fence must make sure all exterior surfaces are free from any sharp objects.

Fences may not be thicker than 24″. Any spaces within the fence ARE NOT PERMITTED to be used for storage, shelter, or an enclosure for animals.

The supporting structures of your fence must not exceed 24″ in width.

Metal posts must be used when constructing or replacing wood fences. Wood posts may be used for replacement fences when combined with intermediate metal fence posts.

Approved Fence Materials

Materials used for metal fences must be painted or powder-coated at the factory, not on the property. Fences constructed with boards must be: cedar, redwood, or other durable decay-resistant wood.

All staining, paint, or other surface treatments used on your wood fence must be manufactured specifically to preserve wooden materials.

Prohibited Materials

Rope, string, and wire (chicken wire, hog wire, wire fabric, barbs, broken glass, chain, netting, metal panels, galvanized sheet metal, plywood, fiberglass, etc.) or other that is not manufactured as a fencing material.

Any damaged materials or materials that are considered dangerous are not permitted, nor are any materials that cause a fence to be electrically charged.


All Irving fences must be properly maintained without clear signs of rotting and damage, termite infestation, loose materials, or rust.

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