Pre-stained Wood Fence

Offering Pre-Stained Wood Fences in Dallas Fort Worth

Since 2007 DFW Fence Contractor has hand dipped our own wood. This process provide the best option to preserve the wood before construction.


The only way to protect the wood fence materials from mother nature’s harsh environment is to add protecting elements to the wood. The staining products that we use are a blend of oils, pigments, and resins. These blends are specifically designed to penetrate the wood and absorb to protect.

Firstly, the wood that we purchase for your fence project must be cured. This is where Mother Nature becomes of great assistance. The wood must be set outside to allow the sun and air to dry the wood naturally. The objective is to get the wood to 12% humidity. Once this is completed the wood is now ready to be dipped.

Pre-stained wood fence dallas fort worth