Dallas outdoor living space

Dining al fresco, sipping cold beverages, and enjoying the fresh air are all components that make up a memorable summer afternoon. A beautiful pergola is a great way to appreciate your yard without baking in the summer sun.  DFW Fence Contractor has designed gorgeous pergolas and can customize them to fit perfectly into your Dallas outdoor living space.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a freestanding framework that is not attached to a home, though it can be built directly against the home if you prefer. It consists of pillars supporting crossbeams and open lattice. This allows free airflow and some shade without obstructing the sun completely.

Advantages of a Pergola

Pergolas are a relatively inexpensive way to add a lot of wow factor to your yard. Because they are freestanding you can construct them anywhere in your yard over patios or walkways. They provide more of a breeze than a gazebo or awning. They offer some protection from the elements for your outdoor furniture. Pergolas are highly customizable, easy to maintain, and durable.

Different Types of Pergolas

Our durable pergolas are usually constructed out of Douglas fir or cedar. We hand-dip all of the components in the stain of your choice before bringing them to you to be assembled. You can select a stain that will match your tastes and your home.

Pergolas also have different styles of roofs. There is the traditional flat top pergola, which is great for open slats. If you elect for a covered roof, you may want to choose a gabled roof to aid with rain runoff. Gabled roofs also nicely match a home, which is ideal especially if your pergola butts up against your house.

Traditional open roofs do allow sunlight to come through. If you prefer more shade, there are several options for covering pergola roofs. One beautiful option we love is to attach lattices to the pergola roof. You can then plant climbing vines that will snake around the structure and cover the top. Climatus or trumpet vines will be lovely additions to your yard. Another option is to use a shade canopy, which has the advantage of being removable at your convenience. You will want to put it away in winter months so it lasts longer. For those homeowners who are interested in a more permanent roof, we can cover your pergola with metal sheeting or a polygal clear top.

Planning for Pergolas

A pergola, like any structure on your property, may require permits. We take care of all of that for you. Once our designers have your specs prepared, we will secure the appropriate permits from the city, town, or township where you reside. 

No matter where your pergola will be located, we will securely anchor the pillars to concrete or pavers. We want to make sure that your pergola will stand up to the (sometimes) strong and unpredictable Texas weather, as well as the test of time.

What time of day will you get the most use out of your pergola? Are you more likely to sit on your patio with a cup of coffee in the early morning or enjoy dinner outside? Determine where the sun is at the time of day you will require shade. We will plan how to angle the roof rafters based on when the sun hits the patio and from what direction.

Pergola Extras

A pergola can be a great addition to your life and you can plan for some wonderful extras you might not have even considered. We can install outdoor fans to help with airflow. Built-in lighting can extend your summer days into stargazing nights. You can add side canopies and/or screens to give yourself some privacy as well as protection from mosquitoes and other critters.

Pergolas are a beautiful upgrade to your yard. You will increase your home’s value and appeal by creating an area for outdoor living. Best of all, you will get so much more enjoyment out of your home. Live your best summer life with a pergola from DFW Fence Contractor!