DFW Fence Contractor | Wood Fence DFW Gate Installation

Wood Fence DFW

I wanted to show you a six-foot-tall dog eared fence on a wood fence DFW. We built this on an existing post. This had a good straight metal post all down this line. You can see over the top of the fence, there’s some eight-foot that we merged into. It’s got a three hinge gate right here. So we put in three hinges. We’re going to have a V brace style support. 

So this one does not have a top cap for trim. So you can build like this, just dog eared. It does have a footer board, a footing board on the bottom. But this one is a pre dipped or what they call pre-stained fence. We did set some new metal posts here. I’ll show you the other side real quick. There were some existing posts that we welded extensions on, we do do that a lot if the posts are straight. These locks, or latches, are lockable on both sides. On the inside, there’s a thumb latch that is simple to work.

On our gates, we do go ahead and supply our latches with an extra locking capability on the inside. So you can put a lock on the inside of your gate also. But these are standard thumb latch in the industry. And then this is the other side, the existing posts that were here that we just welded small extensions on where needed. There are some weld marks behind that. So went up to eight-foot-tall, and then stepped back down to six feet. They needed an area just a little bit more private between the houses, so we supplied them with that.