6 Reasons Why Wood Fence Installation in DFW May Be Right for Your Home

wood fence installation in DFW

Fences give you the privacy you need in a day and age where privacy is tough to maintain. Being present in the digital world means that everyone sees and knows everything that you do. In real life, it’s nice to have a space where you can go about your business without having to worry about someone peeking into your backyard or window. This is particularly useful if you have pets or children who you want to keep safe from the outside world. In such cases, wood fence installation in DFW is an excellent solution for privacy, along with other things.

In this article, we will look at some reasons why a wood fence installation might be right for your home.

6 Reasons a Wood Fence Installation in DFW May Be Right for Your Home

Here are some reasons why you should install a wood fence in your home.

1. You Don’t Like Prefabricated Fences Made with Other Materials

An excellent reason a wood fence installation in DFW may be right for you is that it allows plenty of customization options. For starters, you can install a wood fence depending on the height you prefer. Once you order a wood fence, you can guide the company manufacturing your fence to tailor the height you want.

In addition, you can customize the width of the gate of a wooden fence. You can even match it with any of your flower boxes as well as other yard accessories. You can even tweak the shape and height of the fence after a couple of years. As the fence features wood, you can trim and reshape it according to your preferences.

You can also cover the fence with any paint you like. This will completely transform the visual appeal of your home.

2. You Don’t Want to Spend Too Much on a Fence

Wood fences are quite easy on the pocket. Compared to aluminum or vinyl fences, a wood fence is a more budget-friendly option.

Homeowners in America spend anywhere between $1,700 to $4,000 on average. Nevertheless, the pricing of fences depends on various factors. If you wish to get all the benefits of durability, aesthetics, and privacy, a wood fence will offer you everything without breaking the bank.

Moreover, caring for and maintaining these fences is also affordable. You can keep your fence in excellent shape just by using some water, a scrubbing brush, and a deck cleaner.  

3. You Wish to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A wood fence is an eco-friendly option. Firstly, its production process doesn’t leave a long-term impact on the planet or harm natural resources. Since wood is disposable, it won’t hurt the environment once it surpasses its years of service. You can even recycle the components of a wood fence and get ideas to repurpose them.

4. You Want Your Fence to Be Visually Appealing

There’s no doubt about it – wood fences are visually appealing and natural-looking. There is absolutely no alternative for that! In fact, despite the various advantages of vinyl fences, you cannot get that traditional rustic appearance of wood without the actual thing. When you think of the regular American home with a wooden picket fence, this is what you imagine.

5. You Want a Long-Lasting, Durable Fence

Even though wood fences might not be as long-lasting as vinyl, it doesn’t mean they falter when it comes to durability. On average, wood fences can last approximately two decades. Nevertheless, you have to do your part and carry out regular and proper maintenance.

If you reside in a wet region, you will have to apply sealants. One additional thing to keep in mind is that wood can attract termites. Thus, it’s best to opt for pressure-treated wood.

6. You Want a Fence That’s Quick and Easy to Install

One of the best features of a wooden fence is that it’s easy to install. As compared to other kinds of fences, wooden fences are fairly easy to build. Even if you do make some mistakes along the way, you can fix them without any hassle.

Moreover, the installation isn’t going to cause significant disruptions in your house. The process is pretty simple and straightforward. It doesn’t need any major adjustments on your part.

Things to Keep in Mind Before A Wood Fence Installation In DFW

Before you buy a wooden fence, there are plenty of things you should consider. First, you have to familiarize yourself with local fencing laws. Bear in mind that specific states have restrictions on fence installations.

This is one reason why some homes in the country don’t have any fences. Certain areas approve of some kinds of fences, materials, and heights. In addition, you have to check the distance the state laws allow between the sidewalk and your fence.

Another important consideration is thinking about the kind of wooden fence you want. Is your goal to increase your home’s privacy and security? Do you want a fence that can add to the visual appeal of your home?

Knowing the answers to these questions is going to help you determine the kind of wood, the width of the fence, and its height. In addition, you should also take into account the climate in your locality. If the weather isn’t compatible with wood, you might want to reevaluate your options.

Lastly, you should consult with a wood fence professional who can install your fence in the best possible way. You want to work with a contractor who has an excellent performance record.

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