All DFW Fences Are NOT Created Equal

Superior quality is something we all look for in a multitude of products we purchase and use throughout our lives. When it comes to our homes, it is imperative to think in terms of decades, not years. That means the level of quality must be in the forefront of our purchasing decisions when it comes to items that are integral to the longevity and value of our property: enter DFW Fences.

Your home’s fence: how to select the best DFW fence company

You want the best, but what exactly does that mean when it comes to fencing? The average homeowner has encountered the need to buy rugs, artwork, window treatments, and other home decor items, yet most of these products will not greatly affect the value of your home. When it comes to larger, more expensive purchases like your home’s fencing, doing some research will ensure that you make the best decision possible.

Wood Grade

DFW Fencing offers several types of wood in our customized wood fence constructions. Using a more stable wood, grown by nature to withstand the elements, is the first step in ensuring that your final fence will be able to stand the test of time. While using a cheaper wood such as spruce, pine and fir (often referred to as SPF) will lower your project costs, it will mean that you will be replacing the fence in just a few years. If you want to move beyond a basic starter fence (often installed by the builder to cut costs while providing that finished look to the property), you’ve come to the right place.


No matter what material you choose, DFW adds quality by making certain each piece of wood is individually dipped and protected. Additionally, upgrades are available with any type of wood selected.

Wood thickness

Thickness of the wood is another primary factor in the overall strength that contributes directly to the longevity of your fence. When you work with DFW Fence Contractor, we will discuss your wood thickness options, helping you to determine what is best for your project.

Fence posts

Posts hold the entire fence construction in place. There are several types of wood that will last in the ground for years. Other types must be encased in concrete. Often a metal post will be required. There are also local laws, regulations and restrictions that cover the type of post material used. However, even with metal, the thickness of the material is of primary concern. DFW Fences Contractor uses top quality metal posts set in concrete. They are also set to depths of 24”, which goes 4” deeper than the competition. Our standard fence posts also come with a five-year warranty. A longer warranty can be obtained by setting posts to depths of up to 32”.

We go the extra mile.

When a fence is built to the custom specifications of your home and landscaping, the result will be spectacular. Comparatively, using basic pre-built panels that can be “adjusted” to sloping terrains not only doesn’t result in the same awesome look, but simply won’t last years, let alone decades.

A prefab fence panel is usually treated and stained after it is built – at the factory or on site. DFW Fences individually treats and stains every piece of wood before it is used to build anything. This ensures that all sides and ends of each and every piece of material is equally treated and stained. Your fence will be able to last as many decades as you live in your home. 

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