good fences in DFW

Owning property means that you are responsible for more than just your own place. How you take care of your property can affect your neighbors and their property values. Whether you own a home, farm, business, or office, there is etiquette to putting up a fence. The decisions you make can positively or negatively affect your property values, and that can affect the whole block. If you’re looking for the qualities of good fences in DFW, this blog post is for you! Here are some things to consider when choosing the right fence for you and your Dallas neighborhood.

Who gets the ‘good’ side?

Fences have two sides, a front and a back. Typically the outside of the fence has slats showing while the inside has posts and rails. While you’re standing in your fenced-in yard staring at the crossbeams, you may be wondering to yourself, ‘Why don’t I get the good side?’

There are several ways to look at this quandary. It is considered courtesy to have the finished side of your fence facing outward, towards your neighbors. If you share a property line with someone and you put up a fence, you are obstructing their view. You should give them a finished fence to be up against.

Also, the front of your fence will face outward towards the street and reflect on the look of your home or office. Installing a fence with the posts and rails facing outward is distracting to the eye. People will wonder why you installed the fence backwards and the property will be difficult to sell. No matter how much you spend on that fence, it will be viewed as a liability instead of an improvement.

Beautiful inside and out

If having a beautiful outdoor living space is a priority to you, then choose a fence that will look beautiful on both the inside and outside. Whether you’re choosing an iron fence or wood fence, a number of fence designs have a less obvious front/back configuration. Some fences can be installed with the same design on the back and front. If the back design is important to you, we can design a fence that fits your needs.

What is the purpose of your fence?

Most people have a goal when fencing their property: containment for children and pets, safety for pools, preventing trespassers, improved aesthetics, extra privacy, or establishing borders. The type of fence you choose may offend your neighbors. If you chat with your neighbors every day and then put up a six-foot privacy fence, your neighbor may feel slighted. A decorative four foot picket fence makes for better conversation. A word of advice: talk your potential fence choice(s) over with your next door neighbor(s) before making any solid decisions. While the choice is ultimately yours to make, your neighbors will be much more keen on the idea if you run it by them first.

Should your neighbor split the cost?

If you and your neighbor both agree that the property needs to be divided, you can bring up the possibility of splitting the costs of the fence materials and installation. Your neighbor may want the fence just as much as you do. While a neighbor definitely isn’t required to split the cost of a fence to be installed on your property, you never know unless you ask. If you and your neighbor agree on the type of fence you both need, it may make sense for you both to get a fence at the same time. You may be able to negotiate a discounted rate since both fences can be done at once.

Aim to increase your property value.

A fence can be an asset or a liability to any property. Taking shortcuts or going with the lowest bidder is a surefire way to end up with a shoddy fence that looks cheap, will require constant repairs and will need replacing a lot sooner. Invest in a quality fence that adds to the aesthetic as well as the real estate market value of your property.

Fence your property in a way that makes sense so that your yard looks as large as possible. Even if you have a small lot, maximizing the space you do have can make a big difference in the overall feel of your outdoor living area. Take the time to do some research so that you select a timeless design rather than something trendy that will look dated in a few years.

The right fence will improve your property value, the way you enjoy your backyard, and the relationship with your adjacent neighbors. When your property value goes up, your neighbors benefit, which makes everyone happy.