Fence Installation

Fence Installation Company

To install a fence with proper design and at an effective cost you need to have an experienced work force. We have had the same work force since 2000 and with very little change. Our current crew leaders started with us not having prior knowledge of the fencing industry. As the time has passed they have become great at their craft. DFW Fence Contractor works hard to have as little turn over within our company. With the fence right crews in place and good workmanship we can provide great fence service.

How to Install a proper fence

At DFW Fence Contractor we start with a the right idea. We like to treat our fence client's yard as if it was our own. We have the expertise to understand the difference between doing a job to get it done and doing the job correctly.

The first thing that must happen is to have a clear understanding of the scope of work between both our client and ourselves. We provide an estimate that is clear to the detail of material and overall installation. In every job there is also a level of expectations that must be meet. We are out to meet and surpass that level

The second thing to accomplish is to follow the City and HOA guidelines. Some cities require fence permits and many HOAs have fence regulations. Checking with both of these parties is a necessity to insure that the fence will be correct.

The third process is for us to call for your utility locate service. We call out for the locate companies to find your utilities. Lastly Texas requires this to be done before excavation can occur.

Now we are ready for the fence installation.

1. Fence Posts

The setting of the fence post is circuital to the longevity of the fence. Most fence companies will set fence posts to a 20" depth using 50 lbs of concrete. We take great pride in setting a correct fence posts backed by a fence warranty. We set a standard post at 24" it will give you a 5 year warranty. Our 10 year warranty is set with a 30" to 32" depth


2. Fence Material

Once the fence post are installed the material is now ready for installation. Weather it is a custom wood fence or ornamental iron fence there has to be an understanding of what to expect. Both types of fence can either be built to follow the grade or slope and can also be built step and level. A fence that is built to follow the grade will do just that, follow the grade of the ground. The step and level fence is usually built from the lower elevation the yard. From that location the full height of the fence material will be used. As the fence graduates up the slope of the area the horizontal runners remain level.

3. Site Clean up

The last thing to do is to clean up the job site. This is one of the most important things to do with the overall scope of fence work. The fence can look great , but if there are cut offs from the material and dirt or concrete spoils left in the yard it will not appear to be complete.