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Type of Fence Repairs

One of the main culprits why your fences get damaged is the weather. With the fluctuating seasons and inclement climate, fences are more prone to degradation. Essentially, proper maintenance of your fence necessitates fence repair and upkeep.

The different types of fence repairs depend on the material of the fences. For example, if you have a wooden fence at home, you might need to repair it from rotting and degradation. If it is made of cheap timber material, it might last for 12 years.

Some of the most common fence repairs are carried out by sawing the infested area, filling the hole of the fence posts, and supporting the slumped fence area with tension rods. Essentially, fence repairs vary on the condition of your fences and the fencing company's task to repair them.

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Fence Repair Cost

Fence repair costs vary on the material, type, and condition of your fences. On average, fence repairs cost $30 per foot. For example, wooden fence repair costs start from $20, vinyl fences cost $30, while chain link fences average from $18.

Replacing fence posts average $270 in cost. Generally, homeowners pay a maximum of $400 in fence post replacements. Also, the repair varies on the extent of the damage and the material of the fence.

Some of the average fence repair costs by material are the following: wooden fence repair costs average from $560, chain link fences start from $475, vinyl fences cost $520, while aluminum or steel fence repair costs initially cost $515.

Is it Worth It?

Most homeowners and fence repair professionals both agree on maintaining and repairing fences properly. Generally, there is a 20% rule of thumb in fence repair. If more than 20% of your fence requires repair, then you should contact a professional fence repair company right away.

It is helpful to know when and why are you going to repair your fence. Essentially, it is worth it to save your fences from further damage and degradation. It helps to know that your fence needs repair sooner than later. There are indicators you should look out for if your fences need repair immediately. Keep an eye out for these signs as your fences won't be able to repair the damage by themselves.


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Should You Call a Professional?

It is important to note that professional fencing companies guarantee long-term results and repairs. As such, it is highly recommended to call for a professional in fence repair. The advantages of hiring fencing professionals outweigh the idea of opting for a DIY temporary solution.

It is a wise decision to call a professional if you plan to repair your fence. These professionals have a wide array of tools and equipment to handle any type of fence damage. Also, they have years of experience and skillsets that can address your fence problems at once.


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