Fort Worth Wood Fence

Fence company from Fort Worth Tx installing new custom wood fence in Fort Worth Tx. We specialize in customized wood fence tailored to your back yard. Our teams have worked in the community of Fort Worth and surrounding areas for over a decade.

Wood fencing in Fort Worth TX. must be install with metal post and permits are a requirement For 8' tall fence. Standard 6' tall wood privacy fence shall not require a fence permit. Front yard fences will require a permit and chainlink fencing is prohibited in the front yard. DFW Fence Contractor is a registered fence contractor in Fort Worth TX. We can take your survey to the city of Fort Worth permitting office and pull your fencing permit. HOA's have fencing requirements that a homeowner must follow. Please check with your HOA's fence guidelines to ensure that the fence you install is correct. HOA' fence rules may vary from community to community double check your specific fencing restrictions.

Wood Fence

 Our wood fences in Fort Worth shall be install with metal fence posts. Our Standard practice is to set the posts 24" deep with our 6' dogeared privacy fence. This is the entry level fence construction. Most fence crews in the industry can build the with ease. However we offer more than the regular fence company. Most of our fence post setting is installed to a depth of 30" to 36" or to bedrock. We like to install our metal posts with a 5000 psi concrete known a Maximizer. The metal fence posts installation is the most crucial part of the construction. We offer a fence warranty on our metal posts installation. Once the posts are set the wood fencing materials are attached to the metal posts. There are so many different ways install the wood fencing. Dogeared wood fence is usually built to follow the grade of the terrain. Wood fencing can be built with upgrades to help the the overall look of the fence.

DFW Fence Contractor, a wood fence company building to the highest standards. No panel built builder grade fence we only provide the best hand built fence that money can buy. Please ask us about our hand dipped oil based wood fence product.