Horizontal Fence and Gates

There are so many different options for building Horizontal fencing. This style has become the new and recent craze in the DFW Fencing market. With all of the different looks and deigns that you can do with the horizontal fence it is endless.

Horizontal fence can be constructed with lot of different materials and posts. Most common with our construction is to use the postmaster posts. With a postmaster post design you can take advantage of the strength of a metal posts and a sleek design. 

This is a great way to think outside of the box and build something different. You can use different width pickets and lengths. Use different colors on the back of the fence verse and top cap or trim. Create different space between the boards. 

This style of fencing can be used to make a modern look for a home or even a western look. Our talented crews can even handle this install in areas where the yard is not level. By cutting the bottom board to the grade you can keep the top level.

Let us show you some of our options below. 

Horizontal Ranch Fence

Ranchers and Farmers alike have used Horizontal fence for centuries to enclose and capture their livestock. Take a look at our Split Rail options if you need other designs ideas . 

Horizontal Modern Wood fence 

Many new architects and designers are requesting the use of horizontal fencing.  We have install wood horizontal fence, composite horizontal fence, and vinyl horizontal fencing.  

Build a Horizontal Fence

We usually utilize Master Halco's Post Master Steel Posts. Master Halco Fence Posts build a Great Horizontal fence . They will conceal the metal and can be fully covered with wood. Building a horizontal fence can be done easily with the proper technic and fence skills. Our fence teams have been building horizontal fence design for many years .

Is a horizontal fence more expensive than a vertical fence?

Typically a horizontal built the way DFW Fence Contractor builds fence , YES. Yes, Horizontal fencing takes a certain skill level that is not just created over night. you usually need two men at the helm of a nail gun to nail the pickets. When building vertical privacy fence you can have only one man nailing the pickets. They will not need assistants holding the other end of the fence picket. 


Horizontal fence Installation

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