Wood Gates

Wood gates can be such a problem for most home owners when they are always dragging the ground and falling apart. Please allow us to help fix this issue with proper bracing and or a metal frame we will install you a gate that will last a lifetime. At DFW we set all gate hinge post and latch posts 3 ' deep. Wood gate are designed by trade to fail. We have experience in the construction of wood gate that will help with the failures in the fencing industries wood gate building. Our Custom Built wood gates are set apart front he rest! There are many ways to construct these wooden gates. Watch our videos below to better understanding.   

Wood Gates 3 hinges

Our Wood frame gates are made custom to each specific job. To build the proper wood frame gate we suggest an all Western Red Cedar rough cut 2x4 as the cross bracing and horizontal runners Western Red Cedar is less likely to warp ow bow in the Texas heat. All of our wood gates are assembled with 3" deck screws not nail.

Wood Gates with metal tube frame

Wood gates with metal tube frames a great investment. These gates are long lasting a swing with ease. We use .095 wall 1 5/8" galvanized tubing that is welded together and attached to the wood frame 2x4's with 3" Lag Bolts. 

How much should I pay for a wooden gate?

For a standard wood gate 3 hinge like we construct that are for a 6' wood fence should be $170 -200 per gate. The metal frame gate will add an additional cost of $100 making them around $270 -$300. 

What is the cheapest gate to install?

A Standard wood gate with 3 hinges is the cheapest option 

How to construct arched Cedar Gate

Wood Gate Designs

Below are a few of the many wood gates we have created for our clients across the Dallas /Fort Worth Area.

Wood Gates